About Gateway

Gateway Insurance Group has enjoyed a long and deep-rooted history in Nova Scotia stretching back over 50 years.

Today, we represent the best of Canada’s Leading Insurance Companies, bringing detailed risk assessment and tailored coverage to thousands of residential and commercial customers every year.

The world around us is constantly changing. The risks we confront constantly change. How Gateway’s team approaches these changes is a big part of what makes us different and better prepared to serve you better.

As risks change, your insurance needs change from year to year more than ever before. We are entrepreneurial. We are inspired to be proactive for you and not reactive. We understand how needs evolve and how so many people often find themselves with insurance coverages that are inappropriate or inadequate, or perhaps no longer required. There are always more efficient ways to insure. Understanding your current needs, packaging them, and fighting for you is in our DNA. We are working for you, not the insurance company. When you win, we succeed.

“It is so rewarding to work for our clients, and to successfully take our clients’ needs to the marketplace.``
— Katherine Burgess, Personal Lines

Vision. Leadership. Expertise. Outstanding Customer Service. All of this requires talent, energy, and experience. Our team is committed to delivering better value, price, and peace of mind to all our customers.

“Good people are at the core of every success story. Gateway brings a diverse, talented team to the marketing of every client’s insurance needs.”
— Keith Dexter, President & CEO

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And for our business clients, it is important to receive bang-on risk assessment. At your request, one of the partners will attend any meeting to bring their individual perspective to the table. Call us. 855-390-9300

Whether you are an existing client of Gateway Insurance or considering our unique services for the first time, welcome to Gateway Insurance’s website! Thank you for your confidence and trust.