Gateway Insurance - Welcome to Gateway Insurance's VIP Concierge Service

Welcome to Gateway Insurance’s VIP Concierge Service

It is my pleasure to personally welcome you to an entirely new world of personal VIP Concierge Service within the insurance industry. We are the first to offer this service! We sincerely hope you accept our invitation to become a member of Gateway Insurance’s VIP Concierge Service.

It is better than free. It saves you time and money!

With individuals devoting an ever-increasing percentage of their time to personal and professional pursuits, the team at Gateway Insurance’s VIP Concierge Service are committed to setting a new standard when it comes to insuring our customers. Not to worry! We will make sure that all of your key items are covered, policies are adjusted when circumstances change or assets are sold or bought, and that coverages are shopped from coast to coast to bring the most favorable risk assessment, price, and value for your policies.

Our dedicated team and your specifically assigned Individual Concierge Representative (ICR) are ready and available to you every single day at your convenience. There is a nominal one-time set-up fee; and then our VIP Convierge Service will save time and money.

On Day 1, your ICR will do the following:

  • Your ICR will immediately provide you with their contact info, including cell, phone, and e-mail. Available 24/7 to you and your family members, our ICRs set the industry benchmark for responsiveness and accessibility.
  • Within 30 days, your ICR will schedule a review engagement of all things pertaining to yourself to review, shop, tailor, and secure the correct blending of risk and assurety for you. This will be at your convenience and prompted by us once per year.

Once you get under way with Gateway Insurance’s VIP Concierge Service and you experience the difference, including enhanced coverages, tailored policies, elimination of redundancies and pricing value — well, it is a head shake moment. That head shake translates into delighting clients with service that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

Our goal is to earn an unparalleled level of trust from you. Sign-up now!

On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to welcoming you to Gateway Insurance’s VIP Concierge Service. Thank you for your confidence and trust.

Ken Myers

Ken Myers
Gateway Insurance

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