Gateway Insurance - Although recently rebranded as Gateway Insurance, our company has enjoyed a long and deep-routed history in Nova Scotia.

“Although recently rebranded as Gateway Insurance, our company has enjoyed a long and deep-rooted history in Nova Scotia.” — Ken Myers

Gateway Insurance began operations over 40 years ago. Today, we represent the best of the Canada’s Leading Insurance Companies, bringing detailed risk assessment and tailored coverage to all of our residential and commercial customers alike.

Our world is ever changing. Gateway Insurance’s stance on change is why we are different and able to serve you better.

Your insurance needs change from year to year more than they ever did before. It is the entrepreneurial make-up of our team that inspires us to be proactive for you and not reactive. We understand how needs evolve and how so many people can find themselves with insurance that does not fit or perhaps is not even needed. There are always more efficient ways to insure. Understanding your current needs, packaging, and fighting for you is first nature for us. When you win, we succeed.

“It is easy to follow, yet much more exciting and rewarding to lead.” — Cathy Arnold

To lead with a vision that creates new ways of doing business requires talent and provides consistent delivery. We believe that we have crafted a winning team that is sure to deliver better value, price, and peace of mind to our customers. Our team is no accident — it is magic!

“Good people are at the core of every success story. Our team brings a litany of ability and diverse talent.” — Keith Dexter

From skills deeply rooted in the insurance industry and regulations, top service on regional and national insurance governing boards, CEOs of national companies, entrepreneurs who have built national companies, real estate executives, to financial services professionals — the Gateway Insurance team understands risk and operates with an unyielding commitment to integrity and is always driven to create the most efficient path toward a solution. View our team to see what we have to offer.

We are in no way like other insurance companies or brokerages. We lead each and every day, providing new ideas, new horizons, and new ways to save for you — our single most important asset — our customer.

For our business clients, it is important to receive bang-on risk assessment. At your request, one of the partners will attend any meeting to bring their individual perspective to the table. Each day, I challenge them with calls for advice as to how to best solve a risk question for a client.

Whether you are an existing client of Gateway Insurance or considering our unique services for the first time, welcome to Gateway Insurance’s website! Thank you for your confidence and trust.

Ken MyersKen Myers
Gateway Insurance

Representing Canada’s Leading Insurers

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